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Nutrition Facts

University final project.

The purpose was established a standard way to regulate the nutritional facts.

In additional to retaining and informing the existing customer base it was equally important to develop strategies to enticed new consumers to look at the products.

Two different colours, black and the leading brand colour, have been used to ensure simplicity: the black contrast with the leading brand colour regardless of what colour the brand used and both colours stand out against the white background. All the nutritional information is displayed together in one place rather than being disperse throughout the pack. It has a specific typography which works in adverse printing conditions.

It is divided into two formats: a front label, which shows a simple graphic including the quantity of nutrients per 100g comparing with the daily recommended allowance; and on the back or side of product, you can find the more detailed and specific information.

There is also a manual that has been developed which explains all details of nutrition fact regulation.


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